SanDisk Ultra SDXC UHS-I Card 64GB 128GB

SanDisk Ultra SDXC UHS-I Card 64GB 128GB

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G2388 wireless speaker with wireless charger and RGB lighting

4.000 KWD
G2388 wireless speaker with wireless charger and RGB lighting

LED Wireless Charging Speaker A-16 White, Wireless Charger, Alarm Clock, Home Decor, Smart Bulbs Design

4.000 KWD

*Works on all phones that support wireless charging feature!!

Wireless charger use: Plug in the charger to automatically
Long press power/short press light switch
Long press BT/NS function switch/ FM mode, short press pause/play)
Short press the timing 15 /30 / 60, long press the Bluetooth cobalt short press the next song, long press to add volume short press the last song , long press to reduce the volume
Set alarm, Clock settings.

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Technical parameter
Wireless charging Power: 15W
Bluetooth version: 5.3
Bluetooth name: A-16 Built-in lithium battery voltage: 3.7V< /span>Product weight: 770gProduct size: 235*80*238mmCharging input: DC5V / 500MASigto noise ratio of the whole machine: greater than 75 dBAudio frequency range: 50Hz-20KHzTransmission distance: 10 metersBluetooth frequency: 2.4GHZ-2.48GHZ
Output power: 5W

Operation description of the main function

Start up: Long press the start button for two seconds to start up, start the default heating Bluetooth function Used for use: 1. This audio supports the use of Bluetooth devices with A2DP function, boot into Bluetooth mode, Bluetooth indicator blue light shining . Accompanied by a voice prompt, when the stereo is waiting for a connection, only in this case, it can pair and link with Bluetooth audio
2. Mobile phone connection
The first step is to open the phone bluetooth setting switch in the phone settings and click on search device
The second step, when the available device displays A-16 characser indicating that thehone finds Bluetooth stereo, click A-16 to enter pairing mode, after the phone is successfully paired with the stereo, there will be a voice prompt and display connected
3, TWS couplet function (this function is only suitable for Bluetooth mode) when you have A-16 Bluetooth speakers, by long pressing one of the matchBluetooth keys connected to each other, the speakers will automatically become the left frank sound channels to produce stereo surround sound effect, achieving true wireless streel
use of lightLight a>
1) The A-16 bluetooth speaker is equipped with 13 lighting effects
2) Start the default warm lamp effect of the equipment, and press the light switch to adjust the thilight
FM radio to use: Long press M key to switch to FM function, connect the charging cable to the produditype-C interface as radio antenna, the other end does not need to connect any equipment through the pause button to enter the station automatic search automatically SAF, thcable station from During +- save station selection.
TF card/U disk function to use:
By inserting the TF card/U disk into the card slot, the coresponding promper sound will appear. The product will automatically read and play the audio file in the card. Voice can be used to control music using the speaker + button.
Set the clock Press the time key to enter the hour/minute setting, press /set the hour/minute +/s/-
Set the alarm < a i=13>+/w/-/ Press the alarm button to enter the hour/minute setting, press/set the minute h, press the alarm key then press/select your favorite alarm, there are 7 groups bells, finally press the alarm key To open the alarm (the alarm sign appears on the screen after successful setting). When the alarm rings, press any key to close the alarm When no one rings, the alarm will automatically turn off for 1 minute (the alarm will be in the off state, please cancel the alarm without need) Cancel the alarm setting: Long press the alarm key (the alarm sign disappears On screen subsequent cancellation)Using white noise: m To switch to white noise mode, press/select your favorite sleep music +/-/ < a i=16>Safety instructions:1Do not expose the product to water or wet areas, such as bathrooms2Please do not hit or drop the product hardly to avoid manual damage. 3.
When not in use for a long time, please turn off the power.

Additional information

Dimensions 195 × 88 × 225 cm


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