DCA 7" orbital sander ASB185 180 watts

DCA 7″ orbital sander ASB185 180 watts

Original price was: 30.000 KWD.Current price is: 11.750 KWD.

DCA 9″ orbital sander ASB234 520watts

Original price was: 55.000 KWD.Current price is: 27.000 KWD.
DCA 9" orbital sander ASB234 520watts

DCA 7″ orbital sander ASB02-185 220 watts

Original price was: 32.890 KWD.Current price is: 11.750 KWD.

Used for surface cleaning, unhairing, grinding and other operations of machinery, construction decoration, furniture painting.

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Rated Power Input:  220W

Orbits Frequency:  12000/min
Pad Size:  93x185mm
Net Weight:  1.6kg

1. Rubber-covered body;

2. Trigger switch with lock-on button.

Accessories & Package:–
Carbon Brush, Color Box Packing

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Weight 1.6 kg


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