PVC Khaki Tape Brown Packing Tape 70R

PVC Khaki Tape Brown Packing Tape 70R

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Heavy Wiper 45cm Double Foam Squeegee Stainless Steel Floor Squeegee Mop

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Heavy Wiper 45cm Double Foam Squeegee Stainless Steel Floor Squeegee Mop

Torx Diamond Marble Cutting Wheel Turbo Blade with Wavy Core

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  • Use to cut marble, concrete, tiles, granite, limestone, brick, brickwall, stone.
  • Dry and wet cutting.
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Torx Diamond Wheel Turbo Wave
  • Brand : Torx Professional Tools
  • The Turbo Diamond Blade has wide turbo teeth for rapid, smooth cutting and shaping with less chipping on a range of materials at a cheap initial cost. Granite, marble, ceramic, porcelain tile, and other natural stone materials may all be cut quickly with this machine.
  • It features the wavy core which enhances the strength of the body.
  • Use: Wet and Dry
  • Application: Granite, Concrete, Brick
  • Machines: Angle grinder, Circular saw
  • Used for glass, ceramic and tungsten carbide
  • Used for hard materials with a high affinity to carbon like steel or certain magnetic materials
  • Made out of sintered metal, resin or out of an electroplated bond, interspersed with diamond or cBN grit
  • Made in P.R.C.

The diamond wheel is a cutting iron disk that is commonly used on grinding machines which are used to cut objects. However, different types of course have different functions as well. Dry diamond wheels are usually used to cut objects made of wood or iron.

In contrast to the wet diamond wheel, the dry one does not need to use water to wet the cutting blade.

Designed so that the size fits the grinding wheel so that it doesn’t come off and shake easily, so the cut results will be better and neater, of course it will speed up your work, what are you waiting for?

let’s buy it right now!

Safety instruction for Diamond Wheel:–
(1) Always wear proper safety equipment safety footwear, sung fitting clothing, safety goggles. hearing and head protection and proper respiratory equipment.
(2) Always use wheel guard and check for proper function of all guards on tool.
(3) Be sure arrow on the blade points in the same direction of rotation of the tool.
(4) Be sure that the blades washers / flanges are correctly assembled on the shaft and that the blade is properly supported. Do not use blades that rattle or wobble on the tool.
(5) Slow feed speeds are-recommended, Do not force tool. The diamond blade is intended for straight line cutting.
(6) Curves can cause stress cracks or fragmentation on the blade, resulting in possible injury to persons in the vicinity.
(7) If a wheel becomes dull, dress it with soft matenal, like brick, concrete, blocks & etc.


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Size: Inch(mm)

4"(105×20), 4.5"(115×22.2), 7"(180×22.2), 9"(230×22.2), 12"(300×22.2)


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