DCA 9" orbital sander ASB02-234 330 watts

DCA 9″ orbital sander ASB02-234 330 watts

Original price was: 70.500 KWD.Current price is: 27.000 KWD.

DCA 30mm belt sander AST533 550 watts

Original price was: 46.380 KWD.Current price is: 22.500 KWD.
DCA 30mm belt sander AST533 550 watts

DCA 9mm Belt Sander AST9x533 500 watts

Original price was: 42.750 KWD.Current price is: 18.000 KWD.

-Used to polish, sand, brighten rough or dark surfaces depending on the needs of the user.

-The product is an essential equipment in polishing and decoration in construction works.

-It has a 500W motor, which makes the machine to work for a long time without loss of effect.

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DCA Belt Sander 9×533 mm,  Model AST9x533

• Used for sanding wood and metal polishing

• Powerful motor 500 watts

• Adjustable speed 6 levels

• To reduce dust

• Can adjust the direction of the belt 120 degrees, convenient in narrow places

• Lightweight 1.5 kg

• Free 10 belt sanding cloths and 1 pair of carbon brushes

• Belt rotation speed 5-28 meters per second

• Belt/Sandpaper size 9×533 mm.

• Usage voltage 220V- 50Hz


The body is made of high-quality materials, providing good bearing capacity, resistant to deformation when subjected to strong force or impact during use. The product has a compact design and light weight, does not take up much space when carrying, so it is extremely convenient. The AST9x533 band sander is a new model, the motor is designed to minimize noise, helping to avoid affecting the surrounding environment.



– 10 x sanding belt

– Manual and warranty

– Paper box

– Carbon brush replacement

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg


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