Pandora 5Lt High Pressure Pump Sprayer Plastic Mist Spray Bottle Disinfection 0.37kW / 0.50HP Monoblock Water Pump

Pressure Pump Sprayer & Water Motor, CB-l1

23.750 KWD

DCA 2″ Gasoline Water Pump AQGZ50, 212 cc

45.000 KWD
DCA 2" Gasoline Water Pump AQGZ50, 212 cc

Cyber CYCW-2401 Portable Cordless Car Washer Pressure Water Spray Gun 48V Lithium

5.250 KWD

Battery Lasts for 60 Min with Fully Charged, Rechargeable Portable High Pressure Car Washer for Car/Fence/Wall/Deck/Garden

Brand: Cyber
Power source: Battery Powered
Colour: Black
Made in :japan

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Product Description
588v 30BAR Car Washer Cordless High Pressure Lithium electric cleaner hand-held washing water gun
High voltage cordless washing machine with 88V battery
Note: the body also fits Makita batteries!!
Battery voltage: 388V-588V
Material: engineering plastics
Charger voltage :AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Power: 1000 w
Product pressure :30 Bar/435 PSI
Battery capacity: 10000mAh
Water flow: 4L /Min
Length of outlet pipe :5M
Self-imbibition height :3 m
2 battery pack

– Flexible to use, easy to clean.
– Lithium ion battery, easy to control.
– Portable and convenient, long battery life.
– Humanized and comfortable handle, easy to hold for a long time.
– You can clean anywhere there is water, including using a bucket, bottle, stream or swimming pool.
– Stainless steel fine screen, high efficiency deep filtration, deep double filtration of impurities in water, protect the pump for a long service life.
Safety warning:
Battery safety warning
(1) Do not disassemble, open or cut the battery pack.
(2) forbid short circuit of battery group.Do not put the battery in the box or drawer at will, in order to avoid short circuit between the batteries or other metal objects.
(3) Do not expose the battery to heat source or flame.Avoid storing in direct sunlight.
(4) Do not remove the battery or the battery from the original package before use.
(5) Do not use mechanical impact to organize the battery.
Package includes:
1 × portable pressure cleaning machine
2 × battery pack
1 x charger
1 x 5M inlet hose
1 × extended rod
1 x 0° outlet nozzles
1 × 40° outlet nozzle
1 x inlet filter
1 x quick connector
1 x foam pot
1 x User Manual


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