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Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack 20 Ton T92004

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Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack 20 Ton T92004

Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack 10 Ton T91004

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Min Height-195mm,  Lift height-125mm,  Adjustable height-55mm, Net weight-4.4kg

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DIMENSION 28x26x26 cm
INCLUDED Hydraulic Bottle Jacks
MATERIAL Heavy Duty Steel
ITEM WEIGHT 4400 grams
Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack 10 ton – Red

This BIG RED product is designed for lifting. The jack can be used vertically or angled to 3 degrees from a vertical position. After lifting, loads must be immediately supported by jack stands. Each model is suitable for use in lifting or positioning vehicles, machinery, houses, and/or other building structures.

  •  Heat-treated extension screw allows low pickup height adjustment and maximum lift height.• Serrated, heat treated saddle provides generous lifting area and secure grip.• A wide, rugged base provides stability and strength. All models critical stress points are reinforced for added durability and dependability.

Direction for use :

  • To raise a load, close the release valve by rotating the handle firmly in a clockwise direction (do not over-tighten).
  • Carefully position the jack under the load and pump the jack handle to raise the load to the desired height.
  • If raising a vehicle, always support it with vehicle stands before working on the vehicle or getting under it for any reason
  • To lower the load, slowly rotate the jack handle counterclockwise just enough to open the release valve. Opening the release valve more permits the load to descend faster.
  • IMPORTANT: As with any hydraulic unit, this unit may occasionally become “air-bound” due to being tipped over during shipment.
  • To purge the air from the oil lines, open the release and pump rapidly a few strokes. Close release and pump to full height, then open the release to allow the ram to descend rapidly. lf the pump still seems “spongy”, repeat the procedure.

Before using the jack:

  • Using the handle, open the release valve by rotating it counterclockwise one full turn,
  • Place the handle in the handle socket and pump about 6 full strokes to purge the air from the pump and valve.
  • Close the release valve. Pump the handle until the jack has reached full extension. Continue to pump several times to purge air from under the ram.
  • Open the release valve and push the ram into its lowest position. Close the release valve and operate normally.

Note: If the jack responds immediately to pump-action, it is free of air and ready for operation. If not, repeat the procedure.

Additional information

Weight 4.4 kg
Dimensions 28 × 26 × 26 cm


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