6 kg Demolition/Percussion Hammer 11.10 J DCA-AZG6

DCA Demolition/Percussion Hammer 11.10 J AZG6

Original price was: 75.360 KWD.Current price is: 49.850 KWD.

Demolition/Percussion Hammer 16.80 J DCA AZG06-6S

Original price was: 92.530 KWD.Current price is: 63.000 KWD.
Demolition/Percussion Hammer 16.80 J AZG06-6S

Percussion/Demolition Hammer 16.80 J DCA-AZG06-6

Original price was: 88.650 KWD.Current price is: 61.550 KWD.

1350W super power;

Hex 17mm.

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Rated Power Iuput:  1350W

Impact Energy:16.8J
Rated Impact Frequency:3900/min

Net Weight:7kg


1. 1350W super power;

2. Efficient vibration absorbing system;
3. 35mm diameter cylinder, more destructive;

4. Hex 17mm.

Accessories & Package:–
Grease, Auxiliary Handle, Special Wrench, Carbon Brush, Plastic Case Packing

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Weight 7 kg


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