Drone 2.4G 6CH R/C Adult 13+ quadcopter

Drone 2.4G 6CH R/C Adult 13+ quadcopter

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Drone G-shock quadcopter X-Drone H07N 2.4GHz control

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Drone quadrocopter X-Drone Camera Mountable H07N 2.4GHz - 33cm

Drone 2.4G Intelligent Control System HC698

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Auto Return; Headless Mode

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The Drone 2.4G Intelligent Control System is an advanced and high-performance drone that combines cutting-edge technology with intuitive controls to deliver an exceptional flying experience. This drone is designed to be user-friendly while offering a range of intelligent features that enhance flight stability, safety, and versatility.

Equipped with a 2.4GHz wireless communication system, the drone provides a reliable and responsive connection between the remote control and the aircraft. This ensures a stable and interference-free signal transmission, allowing for precise control over the drone’s movements. The remote control often features a comfortable grip and user-friendly layout, making it easy for pilots of all skill levels to operate the drone.

The intelligent control system incorporates various flight modes and features to enhance the drone’s performance. One common feature is altitude hold, which enables the drone to maintain a steady height while the pilot focuses on controlling its direction. This feature is particularly helpful for capturing stable aerial photographs and videos.

Many drones with intelligent control systems also feature headless mode, which simplifies flight control by eliminating the need to adjust the drone’s orientation based on its position. This makes it easier for beginners to fly the drone and helps prevent crashes caused by pilot disorientation.

Another notable feature of the intelligent control system is one-key take-off and landing. With a single press of a button, the drone can take off or land smoothly, reducing the complexity of manual control and ensuring safe and effortless flight operations.


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Dimensions 42.8 × 7.2 × 32 cm


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